Let's face it, not too many of us are retiring at the age of 65 any longer. There are many factors contributing to this, such as people living longer or not having enough money saved for retirement. Also, some people don't want to retire because they love their jobs and still enjoy going to work every day. Did you know that employees who turn 65 have the option of staying on their employer group health plan or switching to a privatized Medicare plan? Employers can't force an employee off of their group plan but from my experience, it makes sense more than 90 percent of the time for the employee to leave their group plan and join Medicare. This is where the secret weapon comes in and becomes a vital asset to both the employer and employee.


As a Medicare specialist, I will analyze the cost, benefit level, implications on dependents who are on the employer plan, and many others elements. I will then make a recommendation for the employee as to whether it is in their best interest to remain on the employer plan or join Medicare. The reason that in most cases it makes sense for the employee to switch to Medicare is that the benefits under Medicare are superior to anything on the individual or group insurance market and usually, they have better access to doctors, hospitals and facilities as well.


This level of service benefits the employer because they are properly educating their valuable employees on the benefits available to them. This allows them to make an informed decision on how they want to handle their own healthcare. It also saves employers thousands of dollars per year because their portion of the monthly insurance premium is reduced when the employee is moved off of the group plan and onto a Medicare plan. In some cases, I will recommend the employer pay for the employee's Medicare Part B for them, while they are still working, as it is much less than their original healthcare contribution.


Have you started to wonder why your current insurance broker has not discussed this option with you? The answer is pretty simple. Most health insurance agents are not licensed to sell Medicare and doing the right thing for the client, takes money out of their pocket when they switch off the group plan and join Medicare. Other agents are not even aware that Medicare benefits are much better than other medical plans.


Here is the best part . . . How much do I charge for providing this helpful, informative and rewarding service? There is no cost at all to the employer or employees. If they decide to move to a Medicare plan and work with me, I am paid by the insurance company of the plan chosen by the employee; therefore, neither the business nor the employee will ever pay a cent for the service I provide.


Do you own a business or work in Human Resources and feel this could be something that can help your employees/business? I would love an opportunity to speak with you.