"Quinn and Kelleen are great at what they do, which is provide medical insurance, life insurance and Medicare, because they truly care about their clients' needs. They have handled numerous policies for my family and friends over the years, and I trust them implicitly to help clients make the right choices."

 Karen Card from Karen Card - Catalyst Lending

"If you are 64 and need help figuring out your Medicare/Medical plan, I HIGHLY recommend you contact my dear friend Kelleen Connolly. She helped a friend of mine recently and the friend can't stop raving about how easy Kelleen made the process and how she didn't even have to pay Kelleen any fees for the work since Kelleen is paid by the insurance companies! A real person to discuss healthcare options with and at no direct cost to you? A no-brainer if you ask me! PM me if you would like my to give you her contact information."

Chelsea Murray

"Quinn, I wanted to thank you for your assistance with getting life insurance for myself. You were very thorough and considered the totality of my circumstances before making your recommendation. I rest easy knowing that my insurance is in place and that when I get older and in failing health, I can actually convert to whole life. I highly recommend Quinn for all your life, health and Medicare insurance needs."

Jan Meyer

"I am very happy with Quinn as my insurance broker. He gives good timely service, he knows the industry and his products, and my best interest is always his priority. I value his knowledge and advise. I highly recommend Quinn."

Bob Meyer
President, Beacon Sales and Marketing

"Quinn is your best resource for Medicare, group health and related products. Quinn has assisted my family members with individual health insurance, life insurance and Medicare. He always puts his clients first. I trust him implicitly to recommend the correct coverage, and have recommended him to many friends and clients. They have all thanked me, and appreciated his guidance."

Karen Card
Catalyst Lending

"Quinn's knowledge of Insurance and Medicare coupled with his compassion for his clients makes for a very conscientious and admirable broker. Quinn is truly an asset to his clients and a pleasure to work with."

Jacqueline Piovan

"If you are like me when it came down to the time I needed to sign up for Medicare I kept putting it off until the last possible moment to avoid the perceived hassle I thought it would be.

I knew I had worked hard over the years and deserved to receive the benefits but the idea of reading the tons of mail that was being sent to my home and emailed to my computer from every health care provider imaginable only added to the confusion. But then I got smart and contacted my friends at Select Portfolio Management, Inc. who help me with their financial management services. They recommended that my wife and I speak with Quinn Connolly at Copious Insurance Solutions.

After the first phone call with Quinn, that’s right I didn’t have to drive anywhere to meet him, I knew I had a knowledgeable professional that would take me through the steps to find just the right health care provider for our needs. And he did! Quinn is extremely personable and knowledgeable about Medicare and the health care industry. He even helped me fill out the Medicare enrollment forms and researched the supplemental medical insurance providers that already included my current doctors and met my prescription needs.

If you need help with your Medicare and supplemental health care needs call Quinn Connolly at Copious Insurance solutions today. I am glad I did!"

Dave & Marion McElwee
Santa Clarita, California

"Thank you so much for your care and attention in guiding us into the right policies for our unique situation, Kelleen! You are knowledgeable, responsive, professional and amazingly patient. Clearly, my case has been challenging, but if you are able to handle my family's rare health scenarios, I have no doubt you can help anyone. I intend to refer others to you for your valuable service."


"My friend Kelleen Connolly is the most helpful insurance problem solver ever! Not only did she just hook me up with a really great dental insurance policy for less than $13 a month but she also got Don a disability policy that will pay our mortgage and other living expenses if he ever gets hurt and can't work! All stay at home mom families need to get this insurance! Please call her for more info.. The piece of mind is priceless!"

Laryn Kaiser