Are you a small business owner who is frustrated with the increasing cost and shrinking doctor network of your individual or family health plan? In most cases, it makes sense to switch from an individual plan to a small business group plan. We have assisted many small businesses with this transition over the last 90 days and they have been elated with the new plans. Almost all groups qualify, with a few minor exceptions. If you would like to see if you can take advantage of this opportunity, reach out to us now so we can evaluate your options.


Not only does a group insurance plan allow you to set up a Section 125 Premium Only Plan and make the contributions pre-tax but it will lower your payroll tax and also can decrease your Worker's Comp liability down the road too. With a group plan, you have more comprehensive benefits and a substantially larger network of doctors and facilities that you will have access to. In addition, quality healthcare is consistently in the top 5 desires of almost every recent employment survey and generally is even prioritized higher than how much money an employee makes. If you want to attract and retain quality employees, you need to offer a quality employer based insurance plan.


Group insurance plans also allow you to start up at any point during the year so you are not limited to the open enrollment deadline that limit the flexibility of individual plan changes.


We work hands on with our companies and will assist with plan design, enrollment, employee additions or drops, claims, cobra administration and more.


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